This last week I was juggling with several things. Meeting deadlines, meeting expectations of people I am accountable to, exploring new opportunities, and above all of these, spending time with people who love me. I barely was getting time to check on my phone. And, if I did, I could listen to the voice of infinite power at the back of my mind — you ain’t suppose to do it! The mind produces everything it conceives and believes. It has a superpower which can transmit anything to your body. That’s why I had been reminding it to remain exuberant and agile. And this mantra really worked! It flabbergasted me. This tiny creature didn’t allow my body to feel fatigued.

So what did I really do? I didn’t practice any rocket science but did some simple modifications to the working of my mind and made it practice to get acquainted with these changes. First, I kept on telling it, 24-hours is a huge period. I transmuted my brain by saying- “You can’t call yourself busy and you are not going to yield up!” Second, I prepared my schedule in such a way that I would not spend too long at an intensive work nor would I binge on any delectation for more than a considerable time. Third and most important, I remained positive and hopeful! Yes, hopeful! sounds so banal but has immensely great effects!

Your brain is your most precious possession. It never wants to preoccupy itself with a tag — “too busy!” If you value it, the regard is worthy of your efforts. So will you make the start and gratify it?

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